“Jikalau ingin menjadi satu bangsa yang besar, ingin menjadi bangsa yang mempunyai kehendak untuk bekerja, perlu pula mempunyai imagination!”
Talent Indonesia is an ecosystem builder. We build platforms that include Talent Platform, Business Platform, and Finance Platform. All of those platforms are built to awaken greatest potential of Indonesia’s Talents. We do know that Indonesia has enormous resource of talents, especially in nonformal workers talents.

Based on the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in 2010, Indonesia had 136 millions workers out of about 270 millions citizen. Nonformal worker talents took 81,6 millions or 60% of our total workers.

Social Security

There is no social security for Indonesian talents. Social security is the right on access to food, clothes, housing, health, and education. The sad fact is thereis limited knowledge about legal and contract. People are not paying enough attention for their insurance. And lastly, self-improvement is treated as leisure expense. The absence of social security makes talents to not only think about how todeliver the best for their works, but also to worry about their day-to-day living.

Integrated Data

There is unclear information about talents landscape in Indonesia. Structured information is very important so we can develop our strategy based on data and fact. We believe that the more we know about our current real situation, the better and the faster we can find solution and excel our improvement in talent landscape.

Global Standard

There is no agreement, or at least understanding about skill standardization between talents and industry. We believe that standardization will help Indonesian talent to range their value. This knowledge of owned value will help to contribute more collaboration and economic growth.

We believe that this is not a one man show, as the challenge will need every hands available to help. That’s why we build the talent ecosystem to allow stakeholders to play their role and help the talents in anyway. We believe that the right ecosystem and the support of everyone will assure the brighter future for Indonesia’s talents.


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Indonesia will experience demographic bonus in the next few years, and it comes with both pain and gain. It will be painful for the country if we cannot manage the talent to be able to make living. It’s not only bad for economy but also dangerous as a lot of thing will be affected by unemployment. National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) head Comr. Gen. Suhardi Alius stated that demographic bonus can even pose problems related to spread of radicalism if the government do not prepare proper channel for the human resources.
In other hand, the demand for skilled talents is rising. Entrepreneurship grow in rapid speed, while other industries also step up the games. Not only from Indonesia, the needs of Indonesian talents from abroad keeps flooding. The gap of skills is the main reason why these talents supply and demand mismatched. The only solution is bridge of knowledge between the supplies and the demands.
Talent Indonesia, powered by Hoom, will develop a Talent Platform, which is a talent management ERP that includes, but not limited to, Talent Pool, Human Valuation System, Job Portal, Education Hub, Social Security System, Certification System, and any other features to support fulfilment of Nonformal talents; right especially social security and skill enhancement.
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Business is most likely seen as one of the most intimidating factors in any environment. However, in the other hand, business make sure that whatever happens inside of the environment will sustain. Business also secure the agenda between all stakeholder and help to shape fair competition within the industry.

Talent Indonesia, through KitaKita, will develop infrastructure to gain insight about business from grassroot to the top of the industry, bottom up.

The Business Platform will also benefit the industries and entrepreneurs while they’re helping us giving benefits for the talents. The platform will serve as information gathering channel, marketing channel, supply and distribution management, customer care, etc.
Social security is a right that need to be fight for, which will need enormous effort and resources. In the end, it will down to the number and a smart financing system will greatly help to ease the burden. Not only it will speed up the fulfilment of nonformal workers’ right asas talent, but also support aspiring entrepreneur to create more job vacancy, either through employment or partnership.
This can be done with cooperative. Talent Indonesia and Lingkar Kolektif Nasional will ensure all the member of the cooperative to get the access to their financial solution, economic social security, and all other right supported by our network (from the Business Platform).